Top 3 Tuesday - Movie moments: 'The Mummy'

During childhood I developed a fascination with Ancient Egypt. I was in awe of the culture, the temples and the spirituality of the Ancient Egyptians. I even took some Egyptology classes at university and in 2005 I fulfilled my lifelong dream to travel to Egypt and see The Pyramids with my very own eyes. It was a magnificent moment!

So you can see why I might be drawn to The Mummy. :-) Yes this movie is full of historical inaccuracies and it is very cheesy. And totally absurd. But it's a fantasy-adventure film that is all about Ancient Egypt - I was always going to love it!

Here are my three favourite moments from The Mummy:

3) Evy, Rick and Jonathan discover Imhotep's sarcophagus - this is the first time we see Imhotep as a mummy and he's pretty freaky! Also, at the beginning of this scene Evy describes the mummification process which has always amazed me - I admire the importance the Egyptians placed on their spirituality and lengths they went to to preserve the body for the 'afterlife'. 

You can watch this scene here -  

2) Beni's on the wrong side of the river - this short scene always makes me laugh! After the group flee the boat on their way to Hamunaptra, 'the city of the dead', Beni and Rick yell to one another from opposite sides of The Nile. It appears Beni has all the horses. But, alas, he's on the wrong side of the river!

You can watch this scene here -  

1) The Opening Scene - for someone Egypt-obsessed like me, you can imagine how great it was to see Ancient Egypt come to life in the opening of this film. I love the costumes, the gold jewellery, the elaborate temples and hieroglyph-covered walls. Watching this helped me to fantasise about Egypt in its heyday. The scene is filled with inaccuracies (eg: The Pyramids aren't at Thebes!), but that doesn't matter really when the filmmakers have created such a visual spectacle.  

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  1. Then we share the same love for ancient Egypt ! I have seen everything what is allowed for tourists in Egypt. Sometimes 2 or 3 times. Now I go back each year but to the Red Sea, just for a rest and the sunshine in November. This year will be my 13th time !
    I have seen them mummy too, when it came out, but I don't remember anything, lol!