Top 3 Tuesday - Superheroes

I love a superhero movie! There's something very exciting about superhuman abilities. I like to imagine what I'd do if I could suddenly fly or read minds or shoot webs out of my wrists. It would be a fun day that's for sure! :-)

If I could choose one superpower it would be time travel. That's the history buff coming out in me. I'd love to travel back in time and watch the Pyramids being built. Or it would be cool to zoom one hundred years into the future and see what crazy s*it is going down here on Earth. I wouldn't want to influence or change anything when I time travel - I'd just like to sit back, invisibly, and watch it all unfold.

Until then I'm content to watch superheroes light up the movie screen and take me along for the ride.

Here are my three favourite movie superheroes...

3) Spider-Man - from the moment Tobey Maguire's Spidey swung into my life I was hooked. I adored all three of Sam Raimi's films because I think Tobey did a fabulous job at getting to the core of what makes Spider-Man so great - the teenage angst coupled with burgeoning heroism. Tobey's portrayal of Spidey was funny and awkward, while at the same time he showed himself to be capable and strong. I like that Spidey has to deal with normal-life issues even as he's swinging from building to building and saving lives. It makes the character relatable and had me wondering what life would be like with a real teenage Spider-Man saving the planet.

2) Wolverine - how cool is Wolverine?! He's got claws, animal senses, the healing factor and...that hair. Hugh Jackman's lambchops were almost a character all their own. :-) The X-Men series is bursting with mutant superheroes with a whole host of exciting powers, but Wolverine is my favourite by far. His healing ability makes him practically immortal, which is just about the best power anyone could have. Wolverine is tough, but he does have a soft side. Showing this muscleman's emotional vulnerability was expertly done by Hugh and it made me fall in love with the character.

1) Iron Man - a billionaire playboy genius - does it get any better? Why yes, when Robert Downey Jr is cast to play him! :-) I adore RDJ and I think he's fantastic as Iron Man. He brings his own charm and humour to the character, and works in a good dose of Tony Stark arrogance as well. Iron Man's armoured suit is pretty awesome - it has onboard weapons and adds extra strength to Tony, but best of all it has jets, which means he can fly! :-) And just as I was drawn to the normal-life emotional side of both Spidey and Wolverine, so too is Iron Man suffering with issues of his own. That's what reminds us that Iron Man is really just Tony Stark with a magnetic chest plate. He might have an ego the size of his bank balance, but with RDJ on the job Tony transcends that to become a very lovable hero. 



  1. I'd go back to the1800's. I like that period because of the great changes that still influence us today. History can always show us the way forward. Superheroes, my favs as well. Then there's Dr. Who the ultimate time traveller.

  2. agreed with the other commenter- Doctor Who is always my favourite <3 have you seen the newer spiderman? I think I prefer it, just because Andrew Garfield is so cute and awkward :)