Top 3 Tuesday - Movie Twists

I love it when I am completely blindsided by a movie twist. It's a sign of excellent filmmaking when the audience has absolutely no idea what's coming.

The twists in the films below caught me off guard and messed with my head. That's why I love them! :-)

**Warning! Spoilers below.**

Here are my Top 3 movie twists...

3) Fight Club - I had no idea that Edward Norton was in fact Tyler Durden and that crazy Brad Pitt was in actual fact just another of Tyler's personalities. For Edward's Tyler, the Brad personality is "all the ways you wish you could be, that's me." I can still remember where I was when I first saw this film because the ending blew my mind and I've never forgotten the moment my mouth literally dropped open in astonishment.

2) Memento - This movie was a head mess from start to a good way! :-) Not only was it brilliantly told backwards, but I was rooting for Guy's character Leonard all the way through. You can imagine my surprise when it turned out he was the one responsible for his wife's death. And he knowingly chose to plunge himself back into amnesia at the end.

1) The Sixth Sense - I had no clue Bruce Willis' Dr Malcolm Crowe was actually dead. I don't think anyone saw that coming! In hindsight it makes perfect sense, but I was so caught up in the scariness of this film that I missed the signs. I suppose that's what the filmmakers were counting on - an audience too freaked out by all the ghosts to work out the truth. Like said ghosts the audience "only saw what they want to see." That's clever filmmaking!

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