Top 3 Tuesday - Oscar winners: Best Original Song

With the Academy Awards on this coming Sunday it seemed fitting to focus this week's Top 3 Tuesday on Oscar winners. The 'Best Original Song' award has been around since 1934. It celebrates those extra people who go into making a film as magnificent as it can be. Movies aren't just about the actors or the directors so it's nice to see an award that honours the talented musicians who tell their own story in song, and make the emotional experience of seeing a film all that more significant.

I've chosen my three favourite winners of 'Best Original Song' because in my eyes they enhanced the emotional core of the film for me. They helped me connect deeply to the story on screen and relate just that little bit more to the characters.

3) 'Take My Breath Away' - this is corny 80s love song at its best. That's why I love it! :-) This song really made the romance part of Top Gun come alive and allowed us to see the vulnerable side of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.

2) 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' - an epic song for a truly beautiful movie, one of the best stories ever told on film. All of the music in The Lion King shines, but what I adore about this song in particular is that it's full of hope and joy and that thing called luuurve. :-)

1) 'Lose Yourself' - I've always considered this a powerful song because of its message to go after your dreams and trust yourself to achieve them. 8 Mile was a great movie and this song made it all the better because it really got to the heart of the story - make the most of life and never give up.

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