Top 3 Tuesday - Movie Couples

With Valentine's Day approaching I've decided to focus this week's Top 3 Tuesday on movie couples. Love stories on film are a real joy to watch - especially the ones that turn out well! :-) For some strange reason I do adore a tragic love story, but as Valentine's is (supposedly) the most romantic day of the year and a time of celebration I've ignored those tragic stories and chosen three couples who actually do get their happy ending.

3) Ron and Hermione - even though their first kiss was a major let down, I can't help but get a nice warm feeling when I think about these two. We had to wait so long for it to happen and when it did everything finally fell into place. There is something sweet about these two high schoolers falling in love, finding 'the one' so early in their lives. It reminds us that love can strike at any time. Plus they're just super adorable - the way they fight it for years, but give in to their feelings eventually. I love it! My favourite R&H moment is in Deathly Hallows Part 1 when Ron returns to the woods with his story about hearing Hermione's voice whisper his name and seeing the ball of light go right into his heart. Ahh bless. :-)

2) Vianne and Roux - I think Johnny Depp in Chocolat is the sexiest he's ever been. The blonde-streaked ponytail, the leather jacket, the goatee...mmm. :-) Juliette Binoche is gorgeous too! There is definite chemistry between these two - the looks they give one another are full of desire. It's a sensual movie and they make the perfect couple. They are both drifters, searching for something that, wouldn't you know it, they just might find in each other if they dare to risk staying in one place long enough. What I love most is when Roux comes back to Vianne. That's a truly beautiful ending.

1) Baby and Johnny - obsessed with this movie since childhood I longed to find my very own Johnny Castle. Ahh yes, the beauty of a sweet, talented man who wants you just as much as you want him. It's every girl's dream! :-) Baby and Johnny dirty dance their way into real love and intimacy. And then they get to show off in front of everyone when they do 'the lift'. A perfect Hollywood moment. The ever-popular ending is of course my favourite Baby and Johnny scene, but the bit that comes a very close second is when they mime along to 'Love is Strange'. It's a flirty, fun, sexy moment and it is why I adore them as a couple.

Here's the scene for you -

So now you know mine - who is your favourite movie couple?

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  1. I love your three choices! Glad to see you included Chocolat. I'm actually compiling my list of favorite movie couples for V-day... hard to narrow things down to 14 so I might just limit the time frame from the 80s and up :)