Top 3 Tuesday - Kisses

I'm a sucker for a love story! I just can't get enough. Even the corny ones that are way too sentimental and vomit-inducing. :-) Watching film love always makes me feel good and I especially enjoy kiss scenes.

Some kiss scenes get it wrong though. Usually this is down to a lack of chemistry between the actors, or one (or both) of them have some weird I-have-to-eat-your-face kissing style. :-) There's nothing worse than watching a cringe-worthy kissing scene.

That's why I've ignored all the bad ones to focus this week's Top 3 Tuesday on my favourite movie kisses - the ones that not only look good, but have the passion to light the screen on fire.

3) Leo and Kate in 'Titanic' - my favourite kiss in this film is not the sunset kissing-on-the-bow one, but the very last one we see at the end of the film. This kiss is about as good as they come because it is filled with so many emotions. It's heartbreakingly sad because Jack and Rose didn't get to live their lives together, but it's also hopeful and joyous because we know they're now finally together again in death. Leo and Kate began their platonic love affair during the making of this film and their chemistry is obvious. That's what makes this kiss so wonderful.

You can watch this kiss here -

2) James and Keira in 'Atonement' - when Robbie and Cecilia finally admit their love for one another it is a moment filled with hope, fear and longing. I love when James walks towards Keira and pushes her up against the bookcase - that bit is pretty hot! :-) Their tentative kisses quickly ignite their passion and this turns into a sex scene pretty quickly (and I think it is one of the best sex scenes ever made). Just like Leo and Kate, it seems obvious that James and Keira have a genuine friendship that allowed natural chemistry to develop between them. Their longing and desire for one another is always believable (and heartbreaking too!). A truly beautiful scene.

You can watch this scene here -

1) Heath and Jake in 'Brokeback Mountain' - when Ennis and Jack meet up again years after their time together up on Brokeback Mountain, it is clear their longing for one another is as powerful as it was back then. The little smile on Heath's face when he spots Jake pulling up outside the window is enough to melt my heart. It's a cute moment that hints at the tenderness between Ennis and Jack. When they do kiss it is one of intense passion and overwhelming desire. I think Heath and Jake did a marvellous job at showing the love and desperation Ennis and Jack feel for each other. Something I love about the scene is the raw masculinity of the kiss - it's frantic and forceful. And yet it is still a very tender kiss. That must have been a hard thing to pull off, but Heath and Jake definitely succeed. I admire how these two heterosexual men gave themselves entirely to the roles and developed a great respect for each other. By doing so they were able to create a beautiful love story.

Here's the scene -

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