12 Favourites from 2012

As 2012 draws to a close today I've taken a look back through my year of movies. I watched a grand total of 136 films this year. That's 26 more than last year! :-)

There have been new releases, older films I'd never seen before, and some repeats. I didn't dislike one single film, but I certainly enjoyed some more than others.

So here is my list of my favourite films from each month of 2012...

January - The Artist 

What a spectacular film! I couldn't ignore all the hype and was very happy to see that it really did live up to all the praise. It was refreshing to see something unique and different to all the other films out there. And I was inspired by what is creatively possible.

February - Shame

I absolutely adored this film because it made me feel. I felt Brandon's torture. I felt what it would be like to need something so much, even when it is bad for you. I came away from this film in awe of the story's intensity. Michael Fassbender was breathtakingly good - and not just because of the full frontal nudity! :-)

March - 17 Again

I'd never seen anything with Zac Efron before and this film was on T.V one lazy afternoon. It's not the most amazing film ever made but I actually enjoyed it! And I realised Zac is a great actor. He's got comic timing to go with his singing/dancing/hotness. You can't go wrong with Zac. :-) I admit I'm a fan now. 

April - The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence is tremendously talented. She plays Katniss so well that I instantly fell in love with the character and devoured the new-to-me Hunger Games books soon after. I thought the film was a great adaptation of the first novel and I can't wait for Catching Fire in 2013.

May - Avengers Assemble

This movie put me on a high. :-) I loved it! It's the right amount of action, cheesiness, humour and good old fashioned entertainment. Joss Whedon proved he is da man! Best part in the whole film? When The Hulk punches Thor. Hilarious! Bring on Avengers 2!!

June - The Descendants

I watched this as a new release at the cinema in February, but when I bought the DVD in June and rewatched it I loved it all the more. I enjoyed it the first time, definitely, but in between the cinema and getting it on DVD I actually went on holiday to Hawaii. Quite coincidentally I ended up going to a few of the spots that appear in the film. So watching the movie after my trip was like reliving the holiday all over again! Aside from that, it really is a great movie and George and Shailene are both wonderful in it. A true joy.

July - The Dark Knight Rises

I was so excited to see this movie that I went on opening day. It's a good film, and a nice conclusion to Nolan's trilogy, but it isn't as good as The Dark Knight. There are a couple of moments in TDKR that are just way too cheesy and annoying. BUT I still loved this film - probably because it includes the wonder that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt! :-)

August - Mother and Child

I'd heard about this film (which was released in 2009) so hired it out to watch. What a powerful movie! It's a heart-wrenching story - a film about emotional attachments, about regret and moving on. It was hard to watch because it is so sad in parts, but well worth watching because of Naomi Watts' performance and the message of hope and acceptance. 

September - Looper

I was lucky enough to watch this film on my birthday. :-) It was the perfect way to spend the day as I am in love with JG-L and I adore watching films that mess with your head - in a good way! I thought it was original and a great story. I thought JG-L gave a spectacular performance. I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

October - Ruby Sparks

A funny, charming film with a great message about life and people - imperfection is beautiful. Humans aren't perfect and the real deal, with all its complications and faults, is still better than the 'perfect' someone we dream about meeting. 

November - 3 Men and a Baby

It's got to be a good fifteen years since I'd watched this one. It's bad 80s cliché at its best, but I love the story about the bonds of parenthood. It's a touching little film that's funny in parts. And it reminded me of being a kid and watching it for the first time. A trip down memory lane is always nice. :-)

December - Argo

You've got to hand it to Ben Affleck - he's a great director! While I loved his performance in this tense drama, I really think he should leave the acting to others and focus all his creative talents on directing - clearly that's where it's at for him! :-) Of course there was a lot of artistic license used here to create extra drama, but you can't deny the true-life events this film was based on were pretty extraordinary. I loved it and it's a film that deserves a whole host of awards, which I'm sure it will receive.

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  1. Silver Linings? I really enjoyed this one and The Hobbit I know you weren't overly impressed but I enjoyed it. Can't wait for Les Mis!