Top 3 Tuesday - when actors sing

Although I'm no singer, I do really love to sing. I've always enjoyed it. But I never sing in public! That's why I think it's great when an actor who isn't actually a singer finds the courage to belt out a tune during a movie. There are plenty of musical films out there where the actors' singing has really shined, but for this week's Top 3 Tuesday I wanted to focus on those non-musical movies that just happen to include a song.  

So here are my three favourite 'when actors sing' movie scenes -

3) Bill Nighy in 'Love, Actually' - Bill plays washed-up rocker Billy Mack who releases a Christmas version of 'Love Is All Around' in the hope of securing the UK Christmas No. 1. In the opening scene of the film we see Bill doing an excellent job of 'singing'. It's cute and funny. I love it!

2) Heath Ledger in '10 Things I Hate About You' - in the scene that made every teen girl swoon, Heath (as bad-boy Patrick) pulls out a funny and touching performance of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' to win the affection of Kat (Julia Stiles). It always makes me smile.

1) Ellen Page and Michael Cera in 'Juno' - this is a really beautiful scene at the end of the movie which sums up the closeness that Juno and Paulie share after everything they've gone through with the pregnancy. Michael and Ellen have cute singing voices and their characters' tenderness for one another is evident in their performance of 'Anyone Else But You'. It's one of those perfect closing moments that warms the audience's hearts and reminds us that we've just witnessed a very touching, moving film about love in all its forms.

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