Top 3 Tuesday - Richard Gere

Ahhh silver fox Richard Gere - is there any other actor quite like him? He's overflowing with confidence and sex appeal, especially in his early films. But there's more to him than that - he's got great comic timing, dramatic skills, and he can even sing and dance too!

So here are my three favourite Richard Gere movies -

3) Primal Fear - there is no denying that this is Edward Norton's film, but Richard pulls out a noteworthy performance as lawyer Martin Vail. I love his reaction in the scene where evil-personality Roy makes his first appearance. Martin is just as shocked as we are to see Roy! Likewise at the end of the movie (in what has got to be one of the best endings on film!) Richard's dramatic acting convinces us that the truth about Aaron/Roy has stunned him just as much as it has the audience. 

2) Pretty Woman - an absolute classic film, even if it does send out a bad message to women - find yourself a rich man and all your troubles will go away. It's the ultimate knight-in-shining-armour fairytale that (apparently) all women are searching for. :-) Still, it is a very nice love story and Richard is on form as the sexy, suave businessman who learns a valuable lesson about life and love.

1) Runaway Bride - this is quintessential corny rom-com, but I love it just the same. I actually think this film is quite funny in parts. I especially like Richard's one-liners at the beginning such as "Don't knock drunk guys in bars. Drunk guys in bars are good. It means they're not driving." :-) I enjoyed his surfer-dude speak in the scene at Gill's mechanic shop, and when he runs like an idiot through the field of tall grass (to scare any snakes). It's cute. And it shows off Richard's carefree sense of humour.

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