Top 3 Tuesday - Christmas movies

With Christmas only a week away I've been thinking about my favourite Xmas films. This is such a magical time of year and I love to watch endless movies during the holidays. It's the perfect time to sit down with loved ones and have a laugh (or a cry) at a wonderful film.

So here are my top three - 

3) Elf - Will Ferrell is at his best as Buddy - the lovable, bumbling man who was raised in the North Pole with the elves. Buddy heads to NYC to meet his real father, but his enthusiasm for life and for fun is too much for everyone to take - that is until it all starts to rub off on them of course! :-) This is a film full of lessons for the kids on the importance of staying true to yourself and making family your number one priority. It's a cute family film that does get a little too sweet at the end, but hey it's Christmas - a time to stuff ourselves with overly sweet indulgences! This is one of those movies. 

2) Love Actually - I adore this love-filled story about a bunch of interconnected people in the lead up to Christmas in London. I like seeing my city on screen, but mostly I'm just a sucker for schmaltzy, fantasy-driven romances, especially at Christmas time! :-) It's a perfect holiday movie that teaches us to take chances and it reminds us all of what's most important in life - love. This film always warms my heart.

1) The Family Stone - This movie is always played over and over on TV during the holidays, so I end up watching it every year! :-) I think it's a really sweet little film. It tells the story of the Stone family as they all come together to celebrate Christmas. SJP is brilliantly annoying as tightly-wound Meredith and as this is Hollywood it only takes a few beers to remind her that loosening up is much more fun! ;-) Sure it's corny in parts and very, very predictable, but what I adore about this film is the closeness of the Stone family. They aren't perfect, or always nice to one another, but the love shines through. The most touching scene in the film is the moment shared between Sybil (Diane Keaton) and her son Everett (Dermot Mulroney). For those who have seen the movie I'm sure you'll recall the scene. For those who haven't I won't ruin it for you. But what I will say is - it's a heartbreaking scene where I think Dermot particularly excels at capturing the anguish of a grown man weeping in his mother's arms. This film always makes me go and hug my loved ones and remind myself just how fortunate I am to have each and every one of them in my life. That's why it's my absolute favourite Christmas movie.

**Top 3 Tuesday will return after the holidays. Until then... Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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