2013 Book to Movie Challenge

Happy New Year! :-)

My new year's resolution is to get off my iPhone and get back into my reading. Before the internet and smartphones I always had my head stuck in a book! :-) I miss that. So this year I'm making reading a top priority. 

With that in mind I've found a reading challenge that allows me to combine my desire to read more with my love of watching movies. Yay! :-) So here it is -

2013 Book to Movie Challenge
This challenge is hosted by Katie at Doing Dewey.

For this challenge I'm signing up for the Movie Devotee level, which is to read 6 books and watch their movies. As I've already watched a lot of movies that were once books, I decided to choose six books/films for this challenge that are all totally new to me. I have neither read the book nor seen the movie before.  

Here are the six books/films I'll be reading, watching and reviewing for this challenge (in no particular order) -

Never Let Me Go
The Prestige
Winter's Bone
Sophie's Choice
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Stay tuned for my reviews...

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