Top 3 Tuesday - movie clips: 'Up'

Up was one of those films I never got around to seeing. The other night it just so happened to be on T.V so I finally got to watch it. And I can honestly say I was blown away by this film! I think it is one of the best stories ever told. It's cute, it's funny and it's very, very sad as well. I definitely wasn't expecting it to be such an emotional movie!

For those who haven't seen it please go and watch it... now! :-) You'll adore it.

Here are my three favourite clips from Up -

3) Dug the dog - Carl the septuagenarian and Russell the wilderness explorer are on an adventure in South America when they come across a dog wearing a very special collar. This is an hilarious scene. Squirrel! ;-)

2) Carl ditches Kevin and Dug - poor old Carl. He just wants to get his floating house to Paradise Falls so he can fulfil his late wife Ellie's lifelong dream. He's not prepared to deal with a bird, a dog, and a kid who are all tagging along. So he tries to ditch a couple of them. Love this scene! :-)

1) Carl and Ellie's life was her adventure - I had tears running down my face while watching this scene. After many stops and starts on his journey to Paradise Falls, Carl ends up back in his house looking through Ellie's 'Adventure Book'. It's now that he realises something very touching about his married life - Ellie saw it as the adventure she'd always dreamt of. Ahh bless. It's so sad, but ohh so beautiful too.

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