Top 3 Tuesday - Kate Winslet

I first saw Kate Winslet in a little film called Titanic and I've loved her ever since. I think she is a wonderful actress. Her performances always manage to amaze me, especially when she's playing characters that are fragile and flawed. I am always able to sympathise with Kate's characters, even though they are often difficult women, because of the honesty she brings to her roles.

For this week's Top 3 Tuesday, I've chosen my favourite of Kate's films.

3) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - a touching story about relationships and just how much they can hurt us, even when we're deeply in love. Kate plays vulnerable oddball Clementine perfectly - despite her slightly crazy nature the audience is able to understand her and her heartache so clearly. Most people, I'm sure, have longed to erase painful memories in the hope that they'll no longer be weighed down by them. Kate's portrayal of a lost soul searching for love, but afraid of the heartbreak, is something we can all relate to. This film reminds us that despite its ups and downs, love is always worth the effort.

2) Little Children - Kate is superb as lonely, reluctant mother Sarah in a film about parenthood, the choices we make and how easy our lives can veer off course. What I found fascinating about the movie was its honest take on something that occurs in a lot of people's lives - dissatisfaction. The desire to escape from the mundane, and from the responsibilities of adulthood, is a powerful theme in this film. Kate's performance is literally overflowing with this desire. It is Sarah's inability to commit to her life that fuels the story and Kate creates a visible tension as Sarah searches for meaning in a life seemingly devoid of it.   

1) The Reader - in a powerfully emotional film that is, at its heart, a love story, Kate plays Hanna - a woman burdened by the secrets she has long carried with her. In this role Kate manages to show both Hanna's harshness and her vulnerability. Kate takes the character from middle-aged to elderly with grace and sensitivity. It is a heartbreaking performance full of regret, which Kate portrays so convincingly. It's no surprise that Kate walked away with the Best Actress Oscar for this role. I think it's her bravest and most magnificent acting to date.  

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