Top 3 Tuesday - movies set in London

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my favourite films set in New York City. This week I've turned my attention to my own city - beautiful London. I've lived here for eight years now and I still get a bit of a thrill when I go into 'town' to watch a film in Leicester Square, or to walk through Covent Garden, or to take a picnic to St James' Park on The Mall. London is a stunning city, especially in the summertime. :-)

So here are my favourite three films set in London.

3) About a Boy - this great film starring Hugh Grant doesn't really show any of the big tourist attractions (apart from Regent's Park Zoo), but what it does feature is London's neighbourhood charm. Toni Collette and Nicolas Hoult's characters Fiona and Marcus live in a typical Victorian terrace, while Rachel Weisz's flat is in a more upmarket white-stone Edwardian building. These two buildings are as different as can be and yet they show off what makes London so wonderful - her long history is constantly on display in the architecture.

2) Notting Hill - another Hugh Grant film (he's the go-to-guy in British cinema!) this time focussing on the London-ness of cosmopolitan 'burb Notting Hill. Alongside the iconic 'blue door', the thriving Portobello Road market and the cozy independent shops are the perfect setting for this transatlantic rom-com. Julia Roberts brings Hollywood glam while Hugh's bumbling British-ness remind us that this is very much a London film. Rows of terrace houses and a private communal garden, coupled with a few sightings of big hotels like The Ritz and The Savoy, are quintessential upmarket London.

1) Last Chance Harvey - this is a touching film about middle-age romance, starring two greats - Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Some have said this movie is 'Before Sunrise for the baby boomers'. It definitely has that feel about it because the bulk of the film is Emma and Dustin walking around London and the city becomes somewhat of a character in the film. What I love most about it is that some of my absolute favourite London spots are featured. I love to walk along the South Bank in the summertime, looking across The Thames to the towering dome of St Paul's. I love wandering through Trafalgar Square. I love Somerset House. For me, watching this movie was like being out and about on a warm summer's day and it reminded me yet again why I do so enjoy living in this crazy city. :-)

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  1. Another interesting comment. Last Chance Harvey I forgot about this movie. I'm going to watch it again.