Top 3 Tuesday - movies set in New York City

New York City will always hold a special place in my heart because it was there, eight years ago, that I decided to be a writer. I've returned to the city four more times since that first trip and every time I go back I continue to be inspired. She truly is a magnificent place and I absolutely adore her.

For me NYC is one big movie set. I've seen her onscreen in some wonderful films and growing up I always dreamt of going there. I wanted to stand at the places I'd seen in the movies and imagine I was actually in the film. :-) Lucky me - I've been able to do that in NYC many times!

Movies have always brought a place alive for me, and vice versa. Whenever I happen to be visiting a spot used as a film location, I'm able to connect with the emotions I felt when watching that movie. That shows just how much of a film geek I really am! :-)

So for this week's Top 3 Tuesday I've picked my favourite three films set in New York City. Watching these films I felt the same inspiration and excitement that is with me when I'm actually wandering the NYC streets in real life. :-) In all three I feel NYC is a character herself; she is such a big part of what makes the film so great.   

3. Sex and the City - this film is full of quintessential New York. The brownstone in the Village, the Fifth Avenue apartment building, the Meatpacking District, The New York Public Library, Chinatown, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park. Just as NYC was the fifth main character of the Sex and the City TV series, she of course features prominently in the first film. There could be no Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte without the beautiful New York City backdrop, and this film definitely delivers.

2. Friends with Benefits - this film manages to squeeze so many iconic NYC locations in to it! We have Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Battery Park, The Mall in Central Park (quite possibly my absolute favourite part of New York City - I'm in love with tree-lined promenades!), Bethesda Terrace (the beautiful spot at the end of The Mall, with the fountain), Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, East Village. As Jamie and Dylan develop a friendship (and more!) we are offered a smorgasbord of New York City treats. Delicious! ;-)

1. When Harry Met Sally - this was probably one of my very first onscreen NYC experiences. The arch at Washington Square Park (where Sally drops Harry off after their long car trip) has always stuck in my mind. I wanted to see it myself and I've done that. :-) This film also has The Boathouse in Central Park, where I had lunch on my most recent trip to NYC (I even did the rowing on the lake there too!). It also has The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Bethesda Terrace. This movie is a charming love story that made me fall in love with the city as well. Quite an experience it was!

**While researching this week's post I came across a wonderful website that is all about New York City as a film set. Check it out if this interests you - **

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  1. Excellent choices. Great link, just spent an hour looking at locations. Want to go back right now!! What a week we had. :-))