Top 3 Tuesday - tearjerker moments with Julia Roberts

For this week's Top 3 Tuesday I decided to write about Julia Roberts and when I sat down to think about all her movies I realised that some of my favourite Julia moments are actually quite sad. And it seems Julia is great at the emotional scenes because I always find myself crying right along with her.

After I'd chosen my three favourite scenes I had another revelation - all three scenes share a common theme; letting go. Ahh yes, we can all relate to the intense experience of letting someone go. No wonder these scenes get us all crying!

Here are the tearkjerkers...

3. My Best Friend's Wedding - this movie is one tragedy after another as Julia's character Julianne tries to break up her best friend Michael's wedding so she can keep him for herself. Of course she isn't really in love with him. It's more a case of not being able to let go of the most important man in her life. At the end of the film, in my favourite scene, Julianne offers Michael a truely beautiful gift and watching his reaction always gets me. I think it's a very touching moment where a real understanding is reached between these two close friends.

You can watch this scene here -

2. Stepmom - yes this is a very sentimental, overly emotional film about family, death and letting go, but the pairing of Julia and Susan Sarandon as the warring stepmom and mom is what makes this movie so great. In my favourite scene Julia's Isabel meets Susan's Jackie to discuss the future. It is a very sad moment between the pair as they not only mourn a loss that will inevitably follow, but they also find a common ground to stand on amongst all the agony. Isabel's emotional speech in this scene is what I call the ultimate tearjerker!

You can watch this scene here -

1. Eat Pray Love - I absolutely adored this book and I was quite happily surprised when I also enjoyed the movie. For some it might have been too floaty and 'new age', but I was always able to relate to Elizabeth Gilbert and her spiritual story of trying to find herself. I think this is Julia's best piece of acting to date. She was able to tap straight into the heart of the story - which was Elizabeth's need to surrender to what has happened and to let go of the past. In a very sad yet poignant scene Elizabeth day dreams about dancing with her ex-husband so she can find a way to not only forgive herself for the hurt she caused him, but also send him the love he needs to let go of her and move forward in his life. Billy Crudup's agony is palpable here and yet there is also an overwhelming sense of hope in the scene. That's why I like it so much.
Watch it below -

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