Top 3 Tuesday - movie moments: 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'

In my list A Life in Movies I chose Crazy, Stupid, Love as my favourite film from 2011 because it really stood out for me among the 110 movies I watched last year. Why I was so taken with this film might have had something to do with my love for both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, but it wasn't just them; the witty script also hooked me in. Crazy, Stupid, Love is a simple yet touching story that deals with love and the complexities of relationships. I adore the way Ryan's character Jacob is changed by love. In fact, all the characters are changed by love in some way. This might seem like sentimental Hollywood cliché, but this film manages to steer clear of the melodramatic by being profoundly funny. :-)

So here are my three favourite moments from Crazy, Stupid, Love -

3. Jacob decides to help Cal - this scene is comedy gold! Sexy, confident, charming Jacob takes helpless, depressed Cal under his wing to help him "rediscover his manhood". Jacob is unflinchingly honest - "I don't know whether I should help you or I should euthanize you" - and Cal is so desperately lost that he quickly accepts Jacob's offer. It's a brilliant moment between Ryan and Steve.

You can watch this scene here -

2. The fight scene - a misunderstanding means Cal's best friend Bernie turns up to fight him, then the infamous David Lindhagen (the man Cal's wife cheated on him with) also turns up. This is when Jacob chooses to punch David in Cal's defence and the four men end up in a big rumble. It's hilarious! And then the cops reprimand them. Classic.

You can watch this scene here -

1. Robbie makes a rude speech in class - poor little Robbie. He's suffering from that terrible plight - unrequited love. We've all been there. And if we're an idealistic kid like Robbie we can take it particularly hard and the disappointment can make us stop believing in love. In Robbie's eyes all those suckers who fall in love are "assholes". His overuse of the word in this scene is what makes it so funny.

Here's the scene -

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  1. Great choice. I, too, love this sort of quirky movie. The twists and turns along with the dialogue make this one very entertaining