Top 3 Tuesday - Jake Gyllenhaal in love

In my opinion Jake Gyllenhaal is a superb actor because he seems at home in almost every type of film - drama, romcom, action etc. He was brilliantly complicated and disturbed in Donnie Darko, he muscled up and went hardcore for Jarhead, he embraced sci-fi to save lives in Source Code (which, by the way, I thought was a really, really great film!), and on top of all that he manages to go all sensitive and fall in love many times on screen too!

Of course I am a hopeless romantic so I absolutely adore Jake in his loved up roles :-) Hence the focus of this week's Top 3 Tuesday - here are my three favourite moments of Jake Gyllenhaal in love.

3. The Good Girl - poor Jake. In this film his obsessive love for Jennifer Aniston's character Justine is so intense it sends him over the edge. He was already a little messed up and disturbed, but after he pours himself completely into the love affair he finds he is just as trapped as he was beforehand. In this case love wasn't all roses and chocolates. Oh no, it was something a lot more dark and a lot more damaging. I thought Jake was spot on in his portrayal of the complex, troubled, boy-in-love Holden. 

2. Love and Other Drugs - here Jake showed he could manage rom-com territory with all it's meet-cute, sentimental, love-is-the-answer glory. Jake was funny, he was sexy, he was slightly flawed, but above all he was willing to change for the woman he loves. The perfect rom-com hero. Aside from the formula though, I thought this film was quite sweet. In one particular scene Jake's character Jamie has a panic attack when he tells Anne Hathaway's Maggie that he loves her. For me it was a really touching scene and well acted by Jake. He was the right amount of sensitive and emotional without going over the top and without losing the humour. A great scene!

You can watch this scene here - 

1. Brokeback Mountain - to portray this complicated love story with such honesty, intimacy and torture required two very accomplished actors. Heath Ledger was phenomenal in this film, and Jake was just as brilliant. Every time I watch this movie I'm amazed at how much emotion he brought to the character of Jack Twist. All along I could feel Jake's longing, his desperation, his love for Heath's Ennis. Take away all the hardships for the pair and all you can see is their passionate, all-encompassing love for one another. Jake creates a love story with Heath that will live on in my memory for years to come. I just adore this film.

Here is my absolute favourite 'Jake Gyllenhaal in love' scene - 


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