Top 3 Tuesday - Epic Battle Speeches

You know the scene - a leader stands before his army of men and gives a motivational speech, encouraging his soldiers to be brave and to fight with honour. The men cheer their leader on, even though they may shortly face their death. They are not afraid! They are soldiers! And they will fight! It's a gloriously cheesy scene that appears before every significant battle. There is no doubt these scenes are adrenaline-boosters. The men are ready. The audience is excited. The moment is here...


Since lists on this topic often include William Wallace's dramatic "they will never take our FREEDOM" speech from Braveheart, I've decided to give it a miss. I've chosen my Top 3 based on two factors - the goosebump factor and the cheese factor. The three scenes below are definitely cringe-worthy in their sentimentality (but, come on, all good battle speech scenes are. It's a prerequisite!), yet they still provoke a slight heart-warming, goosebump-inducing appeal.

3. Troy: "Immortality. Take it! It's Yours!" - With his golden hair blowing in the breeze, Achilles revs up his men. Cheese factor - 8/10. Goosebump factor - 4/10 

2. The Matrix Reloaded: "We are not afraid!" - Framed by a bright white light Morpheus inspires the people of Zion. Cheese factor - 6/10. Goosebump factor - 7/10.

1. Gladiator: "What we do in life, echoes an eternity!" - In the misty darkness Maximus manages to get his soldiers to laugh - a great accomplishment seeing that most are about to die. Cheese factor - 5/10. Goosebump factor - 9/10.


  1. My fav of course Maximus. Love these opening scenes of the battle and this speech is so poignant and a self fulfilling prophecy. This theme of Elyssium surfaces again at the end. Love Gladiator !!