Top 3 Tuesday - Movie Scores: James Horner

My previous post on Hans Zimmer inspired me to write about another of my favourite film composers - James Horner. His wonderful scores have appeared in more than 100 movies and won a variety of awards. His compositions are truely unforgettable and they always manage to make me relive the entire film all over again in my mind. Stunning music!

So once again let's close our eyes, sit back, relax and enjoy... :-) 

3. A Beautiful Mind: 'The Prize of One's Life...The Prize of One's Mind' - a captivating, magical piece that hints at what it might feel like to be losing your grasp on reality.   

2. Titanic: 'Hymn to the Sea' - I can't listen to this haunting piece without feeling every heart-breaking emotion that washed over me as I watched Titanic for the first time. It's all there in the music - pain, sadness, anguish, fear... the list goes on. It gives me goosebumps.

1. Legends of the Fall: 'The Ludlows' - a touching piece that manages to portray so distinctly the tender relationship between the three brothers, the sweeping plains of Montana, and the hope of a family. Still, the music hints at something bittersweet; tragedy is never too far away.

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