A film about sex addiction was never going to be easy to watch. Nor was it going to appeal to everyone. But I simply adored 'Shame'. From the opening image of Michael Fassbender lying on his bed with such pain in his eyes, I felt his torture. I felt it so acutely. I was instantly able to understand how someone can lose themselves in an addiction. I was able to feel what it is like to want or need something so much, regardless of how bad for you it might be. The character Brandon's obsession with sex, his desperate need for the release of it, was pretty palpable. Every scene was dripping in tension. And while there was very little plot in this film, it didn't seem to matter. The movie was like being inside Brandon's head for a short time, and that was the one thing that kept me so enthralled. 'Shame' seemed to show the reality of sex addiction; that it holds its victim prisoner and doesn't allow them to be intimate with others in any valuable way. Brandon longs for a connection but instead he loses himself in a relentless obsession with lust, desire and unsatisfying release.

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