The joys of silent cinema

I admit when I first heard about 'The Artist' I didn't get excited about it. I thought 'why would I want to see a silent film?' I'm a fan of the talkies, after all. :-)

But after the reviews and the Oscar nominations I knew I had to go see what all the fuss was about. I was pleasantly surprised! Who would have thought so much could be conveyed through a look or a gesture? It just goes to show that body language is just as vital as speech.

'The Artist' is a touching story, full of laughs and sorrow. Yet what I adored most was just how refreshingly unique a film it is. I do love Hollywood movies and knowing what you're going to get from a certain story. But I also love to be left in awe of what is creatively possible. And that's what this film did for me.

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