Iron Man 3

Watching Iron Man 3 yesterday, I kept asking myself 'Do I like this movie?' I was entertained and my love of all things RDJ is still as strong as ever. And yet the film was a bit of a let down. Not as bad as The Dark Knight Rises I'll admit. But still a little disappointing.

As soon as I got home after the film I had a look at what others were saying about Iron Man 3. Reviews are mixed. It seems people either love it or hate it. I agree with both the lovers and the haters. I liked the film because it does have awesome special effects, the comedic script brought me a lot of laughs, the twist was funny and fairly original, and yes RDJ was brilliant. But I also disliked it for these reasons - the humour became old, the scenes with the kid were cliché, and Shane Black focussed too much on the comedy and not enough on the action.

I think it's a case of misplaced expectations. Many of us went to see the film expecting one thing and we were given something else entirely. But does that make the film bad? No. 

Shane Black and Marvel Studios obviously wanted to give us something different than the previous two Jon Favreau films. They wanted to show Tony Stark's growth as a human being. That's why this movie is more about Tony and less about Iron Man. The film even starts with a flashback so we can clearly see how far Tony has come since his playboy days. He is in love with Pepper now and he'll do anything to protect her. And as for the sidekick kid - he's there to show us how much Tony has grown up since his own science-geek childhood. Tony Stark is a man now. He has a heart and he cares about someone other than himself.

The truth is Iron Man 3 isn't about the suit. It's about Tony Stark and how he no longer needs to hide behind his Iron Man armour. The 'super' part of superhero isn't necessary anymore because he's proven himself to be a real hero. Tony Stark is Iron Man.

So the trailer might have lied a little and the movie wasn't what I expected, but I can appreciate Iron Man 3 for what it is. And let's face it - bad script or not, watching over two hours of RDJ on the big screen is a good day for everyone. :-)   


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