Happy Birthday RDJ!

Today is Robert Downey Jr's birthday, so it's a perfect day to write about this sexy, talented man. :-)

The first time I remember watching RDJ in a movie was Heart and Souls. I've loved him ever since! Here's a great clip from the film...

He was pretty cute back then, wasn't he? :-) And funny too. Sure he's had a tough life in a lot of ways but he's come through it and seems to be a much better man because of it. I assume. It's not like I know him. :-)

I do love to watch him onscreen. He's a great actor. I especially like him when he's doing something funny. I loved him in Tropic Thunder. He gave an outstanding performance as 'the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!' :-)  Here's my favourite clip...

That's brilliant stuff! :-)

I also really liked Due Date. I thought that movie was hilarious! RDJ was fantastic as highly strung Peter Highman who just wants to get home to his pregnant wife, but can't shake annoying wannabe actor Ethan Tremblay. Here's a great scene that shows off how great RDJ and Zach Galifianakis are together...

Other great films that I loved RDJ in are - Wonder Boys, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Only You, Gothika, A Scanner Darkly, Sherlock Holmes.


In my opinion RDJ is at his best as Iron Man/Tony Stark. He wears that suit so well :-) And he's got the egotistical-philanthropist-superhero thing working for him. I love it! 

Bring on Iron Man 3!!!! :-)

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