Top 3 Tuesday - Movie Scores: Hans Zimmer

Music plays a huge part in my film experience - sometimes it is the music that stays with me long after I've finished watching the movie. And just hearing the movie score again can bring back the same flood of emotions I felt during the film. Perhaps without the power of music films would not be able to affect me as much as they do.

Hans Zimmer is one of my favourite film composers. He has created many haunting scores. His talent knows no bounds - his beautiful music can make my heart soar, and it can make me cry; that's how powerful his scores are.    

In my opinion there is nothing better than putting on a piece of music, closing my eyes and just letting the song wash over me. So here are my three favourite Hans Zimmer movie scores for you to play. Just relax, close your eyes...and enjoy. :-)

3. Inception: 'Time' - a thrilling piece that, just like the film, can take you on a journey to your dreams and beyond. 

2. The Lion King: 'This Land' - a touching piece filled with sadness, and yet still manages to evoke hope and joy at the same time.

1. Gladiator: 'Elysium' & 'Now We Are Free' -  a truely haunting piece that perfectly captures the bliss of a peaceful death.

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  1. You've done it again. The Inception score! I haven't heard it for some time but the emotion it evokes, it makes me cry. Then The Gladiator score wow, I actually bought the cd after we saw the movie. Do you remember when we went to see it? Just one of the many enjoyable times we have spent pursuing our passion - cinema!