Top 3 Tuesday - classic movie quotes: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is a brilliant actor. Even though he has such a recognisable face and voice, he still manages to immerse himself completely in his roles so the audience is able to forget they're watching Tom Hanks - they see only the character. That's acting as it is meant to be.

For this week's Top 3 I've gathered together my favourite Tom quotes - which are, in my opinion, stunning examples of just how much he becomes his characters.

3. "I have made fire!" Castaway - Only Tom could carry a film alone for well over an hour and keep the audience entertained and interested! Tom did a wonderful job - he made me both laugh and cry. Tom was so dedicated to his portrayal of Chuck Noland that he committed to putting on weight for the beginning of the film, and then taking a break to lose over fifty pounds for the second (island living) part of the film. In the 'I have made fire' scene Tom is fantastic at showing Chuck's desperation, excitement, humour and pride all at once. Check out the scene -

2. "Is he smart..." Forrest Gump - this film had a touching and unique story, but it was Tom's tender portrayal of simple Forrest that really made the movie. He was able to retain Forrest's innocence throughout, even after Forrest had experienced some hard times. There are many memorable quotes from this movie, but they are mostly gimmicky and overdone in lists like this. So the line that wins hands down for me is when Forrest asks Jenny if Little Forrest is 'smart...or like me?' Tom is so outstanding in this moment that he doesn't even need to finish the sentence. His fear that Little Forrest has potentially inherited his simpleness is written all over Tom's face. It is a magnificent piece of acting. I've probably seen Forrest Gump ten times, but this moment never fails to move me. Watch this emotional scene -

1. "There's no crying in baseball!" - A League Of Their Own - in this film Tom plays washed up baseball player Jimmy Dugan, and he manages to take Jimmy on a journey from alcoholic jerk to sensitive, all around good guy. The women of the Rockford Peach baseball team bring out the best in Jimmy, but not before he insults every single one of them! In the 'no crying in baseball' scene Jimmy is hilariously outrageous. It is Tom Hanks at his absolute comic best. Check it out -

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  1. Three excellent examples. My all time favourite A League of Their Own! Tom is truly a great actor.