Top 3 Tuesday - James McAvoy

For this week's Top 3 I decided to focus on the talented, sexy, charming James McAvoy. This man can do no wrong. He's great in action, comedy, dramas, the works. Watching him reminds me of what actors are capable of when they give themselves entirely, body and soul, to their character. He is a wonderful actor.

So here are my favourite three McAvoy films -

3. The Last King of Scotland -  In a terribly confronting movie about the Idi Amin atrocities, James succeeds in taking his character Dr. Nicholas Garrigan on a emotional journey from high-spirited, optimistic, eager graduate to desperate, heart-broken, tortured hostage. It is a powerful performance.  

2. X Men: First Class -
I've talked before of the McAvoy/Fassbender bromance, and it is the pair together that makes this film so great. They are the ultimate frenemies. But James certainly holds his own. He brings a vulnerability and playfulness to Charles Xavier, while simultaneously hinting at the restrained seriousness that Patrick Stewart created for the character. 

1. Atonement - In a movie filled with tragedy and lost chances, James brings such heart-breaking vulnerability to the character of Robbie. We clearly see his longing for Cecilia in every look he gives her. In my favourite scene Robbie and Cecilia meet before he leaves for the war. It is a touching scene filled with regret and heartache, yet there is a hint of hope for the pair. I love how James reacts when Cecilia touches his hand, and his desperation when she says she must leave in half an hour. Robbie aches for her, for the promise of a future that was torn from them, but he tries to keep it together in front of Cecilia. When she whispers 'come back to me', he finally lets his guard down. It is an exquisite piece of acting.

Watch this scene here -

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  1. James McAvoy mmm. 3 completely different characters and accents!