Two days, Two favourite actors

This week I had the pleasure of watching Brad Pitt in Fury on one day, and the very next day  watching Robert Downey Jr in The Judge. Two of my favs in as many days. Good times!

When I was a teenager Brad Pitt was THE actor for me. My absolute, no-doubt-about-it, all-time favourite actor. My bedroom walls were covered in oversized posters of him. I read anything and everything about him. I watched all his movies (even Johnny Suede!). I fantasised about marrying him (hey, I mentioned I was a teenager, right?). To me Brad Pitt was a god amongst men. He could do no wrong. Even when his acting was mediocre (which, back then, was, let's face it, most of the time), I adored him. Then I grew up.

I never stopped liking Brad Pitt, but the shine had gone off him somewhat. I still think he is one of the sexiest guys to ever walk the planet. And now that he is also saving the world with Angelina, I can't help but admire him as much more than just a pretty actor. But times have changed. I've moved on. Brad isn't number one any more. He's still in my top 5, but the absolute, no-doubt-about-it, all-time favourite actor spot now belongs to Ironman himself, RDJ!

All the time I was drooling over Brad, Robert Downey Jr was in prison/on drugs/up to no good etc etc. I'd seen him in Heart and Souls, fallen in love with him, and then somehow (probably because I was walking around in a Brad-induced fog) managed to forget he existed. Then came Wonder Boys and...zing! Hello, Robert.

Not only is RDJ incredibly sexy, cool and funny-as-hell, he's also a fantastic actor. Sure, he often suffers from a-little-too-much-RDJ syndrome -- in that he's crossed over into playing himself rather than the character. But let's be honest, 99.9% of actors do this. Nope, RDJ is no Meryl Streep. But he's still got that thing. That beautiful acting talent that I just can't look away from. Whether he's bringing the Tony Stark fun as he flies around in his iron suit, or making me cry as he's helping the Judge into the shower, Robert's acting is always able to touch me emotionally. Spending two hours in a darkened cinema watching RDJ at work never fails to make me happy, and more in love with movies than ever before.

Both Fury and The Judge were led by phenomenal performances from Brad and RDJ. I know I'm completely biased, but I think they both excelled themselves. I walked out of both movies feeling overwhelmed by a variety of emotions - both good and bad. And, really, isn't that the whole point of cinema? I watch movies to be taken on an emotional journey, and these two actors manage to do that to me every time.    

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