Apologies to Ben Affleck

Yesterday I saw the intense thriller Gone Girl. Having escaped reading the book beforehand, I found myself jaw-droppingly shocked by the twists in this film. Going in I knew the story was about a woman who goes missing. I knew her husband was the number one suspect. I knew to expect 'strong bloody violence'.

What I didn't expect to see was a very polished performance by new-Batman himself, Mr Ben Affleck.

Now, I've always loved Ben. He's cute, he's got a ripper of a sense of humour (think that Jimmy Kimmel video), and he appears to be a down-to-earth guy in real life. But Ben's just never done it for me as an actor. It always seemed like he was trying too hard. Like he couldn't let go. I was none too impressed when he was announced as the new Batman. I didn't think Ben had it in him to play the intensity and heroism of the Caped Crusader. I figured he'd be a big letdown. Like Val Kilmer all over again.

As a director, though, I couldn't stop singing Ben's praises. After I saw Argo, I said he should leave the acting to others and concentrate on where his true talents lie - behind the camera.

Well having sat in a dark cinema for two and a half hours yesterday, watching this man play a villain and victim all at the same time, I take back my words. Hence the title of this post.

So... I'm sorry, Ben Affleck. You really are a terrific actor. Stay where you are - both in front and behind the camera. You deserve to be there.

In my opinion Gone Girl was Ben's movie. Sure Rosamund played not-so-Amazing Amy very well and she scared the crap out of me if I'm completely honest. But it was Ben's ability to capture the conflict within the Nick Dunne character that really made the film for me. Nick isn't perfect, and he makes some very questionable choices along the way, but I still liked him. And that came down to how Ben played the role.

For those who haven't read the book, I suggest not doing so before seeing the film. So much of what makes this movie great are the twists and turns. I know I would not have enjoyed it as much had I already known the plot.

Apparently, the movie's ending is different from the novel's. I didn't like the film's ending at all. So I've started reading the novel today, hoping I can find a more satisfying ending there.

And that one scene of 'strong bloody violence'? It ain't for the faint-hearted! They definitely weren't lying when they said 'bloody'. I had to look away.

Regardless of all that, I came away from Gone Girl feeling like I'd seen some of Ben Affleck's best work. Whatever has changed his acting style, I say hold on to it Ben! It has brought out his talents, his confidence, and his ability to get to the heart of the character. I now can't wait to see Ben as Batman.

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