12 Favourites from 2013

In 2013 I watched 111 films. As per usual for me, there were many repeats of movies I adore. But there were also a lot of new releases and new-to-me films as well.

I've had a look back over my 2013 film list and chosen my favourite movie from each month. Here they are -

January - Up

Having never seen this movie before, I decided to watch it when it was shown on t.v one evening. Wow! It blew me away. I fell in love with the hilarious tale of Carl, Ellie, Russell and Dug the talking dog. And I cried like a baby when Carl discovered Ellie's message in the photo album. Such a touching film.

February - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Again a movie I'd heard about but never seen. I watched this one on a plane and I absolutely loved it. Logan Lerman gives such a strong performance and I was impressed with Emma Watson too. I found the story very sad yet also incredibly hopeful.

March - Lolita (1997)

I read and watched Lolita as part of the 2013 Book to Movie Challenge. While I didn't think much of Kubrick's original version, I felt Lyne's '97 adaptation was a powerful film full of inappropriate longing and heartbreak. Neither film captured the exact tone of the novel, nor did they show Humbert Humbert to be the terrible man I read him to be, but nevertheless I liked Lyne's version very much.

April - Trance

Ahh James McAvoy; he can do no wrong! I was captivated by him in this intense crime film. The movie was so well written that it kept me guessing throughout and I never saw the twist coming. Danny Boyle does it again.

May - Flight

A dark film about addiction that happens to have an amazing scene where Denzel's character Whip saves a plane from near disaster. That scene is terrifying, yet it is Denzel's powerful performance as a man battling his many demons that really makes this movie so great.

June - The Place Beyond the Pines

With two of the finest actors around today, this film was always going to succeed. Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper are terrific as two men making different choices to protect their families and themselves. It's a film about generations and the guilt that can be passed down through the years. A fantastic movie.

July - Stranger than Fiction

This is one of my go-to DVDs because I love this story. It appeals to me as a writer - to imagine my made-up characters wandering around living their lives on Earth. Not only is this film cute and funny, it also has a great message about embracing life and love. Plus it's got Maggie Gyllenhaal! :-)

August - The Wolverine

Although the love story element was completely unnecessary and pointless (as were the Jean Grey flashbacks), I still enjoyed this film a lot. Hugh was great as usual and I thought the Japanese setting was cool and different.

September - Rush

With superb performances by both Chris and Daniel, this film is my absolute favourite of 2013. Expertly directed by Ron Howard, this movie is a powerful, emotional story of rivalry and friendship all captured amongst the adrenraline-pumping Formula One circuit. A brilliant, Oscar-worthy film!

October - Forrest Gump

This was a quiet movie-watching month for me, but nevertheless it is hard to beat Forrest Gump. I never get sick of watching this movie. It makes me cry and laugh every single time. Tom Hanks at his absolute best.

November - Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt proves there is nothing he can't do! I found his acting, writing and directing to be spot on here. He captured the darkness of addiction and denial, the agony of intimacy, the awful truth behind some people's relationship-behaviour, and the longing that comes from grief and misunderstanding. A great film!

December - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I loved this one so much I saw it twice in one week. And then I went back and devoured the three novels all over again - just to get more of my Katniss fix. :-) Jennifer and the whole cast have done it once more; I am hooked and I can not wait for Mockingjay. 

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  1. Great list of films you've seen. I agree I liked Lyne's version of Lolita better then Kubrick's