2013 Book to Movie Challenge Completed

At the beginning of this year I signed up for Doing Dewey's Book to Movie Challenge. I did the Movie Devotee level - read six books and watch their films. The books/films I chose were -

Winter's Bone
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Never Let Me Go
Sophie's Choice
The Prestige

I chose all of these because they were stories I'd always heard about but never read nor watched. Having now completed my six I can say that this year has opened my eyes to a variety of new writers and their wonderful creative talents. I didn't adore all of their writing styles, but I'm definitely glad I read their work.

My favourite book was The Prestige. I found that story fascinating and very engaging. I read almost the entire book in one day. Loved it!

My favourite film was Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. This is a heartbreaking story told in a very honest way. I felt all kinds of emotions while watching this touching film.

Thanks to Katie at Doing Dewey for creating this challenge. What a joy this year has been!

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