My Top 10 Sexiest Actors

I've just spent a glorious afternoon trawling through photo after photo of sexy actors with the intention of creating my Top 10 List. I love my life! :-) 

As you will see from some of the photos I've chosen - I like a man in a suit! :-) And for some reason I seem to have a thing for actors with 'J' names. Weird! 

10) Jeremy Renner 

9) James McAvoy 


8) Leonardo DiCaprio 


7) Joseph Gordon-Levitt

6) Ryan Gosling

5) Brad Pitt

4) Johnny Depp 

3) Jake Gyllenhaal 


2) Zac Efron

1) Robert Downey Jr

1 comment:

  1. very good choices ;) and suits are just so attractive!