My Top 10 High School Movies

The high school movie is chock full of teenage angst and hard-learned lessons. They're essential viewing for hordes of messed-up teens because they offer a chance to escape the daily hormone rollercoaster.

Watching high school movies when I was a teenager helped me understand myself a little better and some of them even taught me what it really means to be an adult.

Most of the films in my Top 10 are movies I saw when I was a teen. I was the target audience and I loved them! But a few of the films are newer releases. What can I say? I still love high school movies! Maybe I'm trying to recapture my youth. :-)

Here are my Top 10 High School Movies -

10) Encino Man - yes this film is completely stupid, but I still laughed a lot. Pauly Shore was hilarious to me back in the day - I loved this stoner dude-speak. And Brendan Fraser was brilliantly dumb as the frozen caveman who thaws out and then learns how to live in modern society. It's goofy, but it still rocks. :-)

9) Election - a film that is absolutely hilarious, intelligently written and very well acted by a superb cast. Matthew Broderick is perfect as lovable loser Jim McAllister and Reese Witherspoon shines as annoyingly ambitious Tracey Flick. A smart comedy.

8) Mean Girls - expertly written by SNL's Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan at her best, this film is an outrageously funny yet realistic take on the bitchiness of high school girls and the lengths some might go to be popular. 

7) 17 Again - proving he is more than just a pretty face Zac Efron did a fantastic job at playing a teen with an adult's mind. He's stuck in high school and has to avoid his own daughter's affections. That's funny stuff! But there are also touching moments in this film that really show Zac's ability to merge his comic timing with more serious acting skills.  

6) 10 Things I Hate About You - Heath Ledger sings and dances and looks very, very hot in this cute and funny film about high school love. Plus it also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Enough said! :-)

5) Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion - this film combines high school flashbacks with present day scenes and is brilliantly acted by the entire cast. Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino are priceless as ditsy yet kind-hearted BFFs Romy and Michelle. I love the 80s music too!

4) Grease - the quintessential high school musical film filled with sexual innuendo and good old-fashioned love. John's Danny and Olivia's Sandy make the perfect cute couple and the songs are never to be forgotten. 

3) Clueless - Alicia Silverstone gives a spot-on performance as Cher, the spoilt girl with a heart-of-gold who must learn a hard lesson or two. And Paul Rudd is adorable as her sort-of step-brother. A hilariously funny film that hits all the right notes and goes down in cinematic history as one of the best teen flicks ever.

2) The Perks of Being a Wallflower - a touching film about friendship, love, fitting in and letting go. Superb acting by Logan Lerman who carries the film with his steady and heart-breaking performance. An extraordinary coming-of-age movie that explores some deep emotions as Logan's Charlie deals with past wounds. A very moving film.

1) Easy A - a smart and very witty teen comedy that sees Emma Stone's sarcastic Olive learn that rumours and high school are never a good mix! Olive's conversations with her parents are reason enough to see this film. The dialogue throughout is hilarious and edgy. Overall a very entertaining film and made me fall in love with high school flicks all over again.

Here is a really funny scene from Easy A -

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