Movie Monday - The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years

Welcome to Movie Monday. On a Monday I pick a movie from the ones I've watched in the last week, and highlight what I think is the film's memorable moment.

This week - The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years

"Which one are you?"

Memorable Moment - I adored this documentary film about The Beatles and their touring years. I was aware of 'Beatlemania', but watching the clips of screaming girls in this movie really brought it home to me the absolute mayhem that followed The Beatles wherever they went. It really was pandemonium. Watching the scenes from their concert in Shea Stadium, with thousands of girls screaming so loud it is hard to hear the music, I can see why the band quickly got sick of touring.

My memorable moment is a short clip involving John Lennon. In America he is asked by a reporter "Which one are you?" He replies "Eric." That's funny enough in itself, as it shows the cheekiness of John - something that all the band possessed and was partly what made them so appealing. It's a sweet moment; witnessing John's sense of humour. But what made this moment even more memorable for me was the stupidity of the reporter. After John calls himself Eric, the reporter goes on to address him by that name. How ridiculous! Not only did the reporter not know who John was, he obviously didn't know the names of any of The Beatles! He didn't even notice that John was having a laugh at his expense. It's a brilliantly funny moment that had me laughing for a long time.

You can watch that clip here -  

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