Movie Monday - Burnt

Welcome to Movie Monday. On a Monday I pick a movie from the ones I've watched in the last week, and highlight what I think is the film's memorable moment.


"You're better than me. But the rest of us need you to lead us to places we wouldn't otherwise go."

Memorable Moment -  In this film Bradley Cooper plays Adam Jones - a two-star Michelin chef who is also a recovering drug addict. Adam has done a lot of damage to those he knows and loves. He's caused a lot of pain - especially to some of his fellow chefs, whose careers he managed to wreck when his entire life collapsed. One chef is his rival Reece, who is in no hurry to forgive Adam.

The scene I believe is the film's memorable moment is when Adam turns up to Reece's restaurant drunk. Adam is reckless and out of control. At one point he attempts to suffocate himself with a plastic sous vide bag. Reece rips the bag from Adam's face and holds him in his arms when Adam breaks down in floods of tears. I think this is such a powerful scene because these two men are enemies, and yet Reece has enough heart to see that Adam is at rock bottom and he needs someone to help him, not fight with him. It's a true moment of compassion, of putting your anger aside to be present for another human being. Reece could have thrown Adam out, turned his back on him and felt no regret for doing so. But he chooses to be a friend instead. It's distressing to see Adam so desperate, but the way Reece accepts him and looks out for him is heart-warming. It's a beautiful scene of vulnerability and mercy.  


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  1. I am looking forward to watching this one. The memorable moment will have my attention! :)