12 Favourites from 2015

I watched 140 movies in 2015. I kept a list with each and every one. Some were repeats, some new releases, some new-to-me.

Looking back over my list, I've chosen my favourite film from each month -

January - The Theory of Everything

A beautiful film made all the more special by a stunning performance by Eddie Redmayne. He deserved every award he won for his spectacular portrayal of Stephen Hawking. His commitment to getting Stephen's unique physical limitations spot on was inspiring to watch.

February - Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

This cute little film is funny in all the right places, touching in others, and includes a delicate love story as a nice bonus. I thought Steve Carell was especially fanastic, and Keira Knightley didn't annoy me as much as she usually does. A tender film about the important things in life.

March - Finding Nemo

Having only seen this film once, way back when it came out in 2003, I'd forgotten the story details, even though I remembered enjoying it immensely. Watching it again this year brought back all those same feelings. It's such a great film! Exciting and funny and touching all at once. So happy they're finally making a sequel.

April - Maleficient

This was one of those films that exceded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised to find I got thoroughly wrapped up in the story. It was well written, with good acting and great characters. I especially like Angelina in her role. A very entertaining film.

May - Avengers: Age of Ultron

Being a lover of all things Marvel, and habouring an obsession with RDJ, I was always going to enjoy this movie! At first, I'll admit, I thought it wasn't quite as good as the first film. But on subsequent viewings I realised I was completely wrong. Ultron had laughs, action, silliness, and is a very fitting sequel. Bring on Infinity War. I can't get enough of the MCU!

June - Jurassic World

I saw this film twice in as many weeks and adored it both times. The scene where we see the theme park 'Jurassic World' for the first time, with the quintessential Jurassic Park music playing, brought me out in full-body goosebumps. I was hooked from that moment onwards. I loved Chris Platt's Indiana Jones-type character. And Bryce Dallas Howard was great too (despite wearing those ridiculous high heels!) A great film that has all the magic of the original. 

July - Heartburn

This is one of those films I've heard about a lot over the years, but never seen. I loved it. A very sad movie, yet funny as well. Meryl was particularly good, as usual. I felt every one of her character's emotions - especially the heartbreaking ones. And the scene with the cake-to-the-face: that has to be one of the best scenes ever! :-)

August - Lone Survivor

This based-on-a-true-story film was incredibly intense and emotional to watch. The action scenes were very well shot and you could tell the actors had gone through a lot of training to make it as believable as possible. It was so real in fact, with insane, physically punishing stunt falls, that for most of it I forgot I was watching a movie! This was as close to war as I imagine a film can get. It blew me away.

September - Black Sea

Another action-packed movie that I'm glad I watched. This submarine story starring Jude Law is overflowing with tension. It's a story about greed, and trust (or a lack thereof), and it kept me enthralled throughout.

October - The Martian

This movie really is pure entertainment at its best. Matt Damon's botanist/astronaut is stranded on Mars, and he has to "science the shit out of this". Come on, that's movie gold right there! It's funny, heartwarming, exciting... the list goes on. Matt gives a great performance and I was hooked from the very first moment. Awesome movie!

November - Wild

Watching this for a second time, I was just as impressed as on first viewing. Having now read everything Cheryl Strayed has ever written, after first coming to know her on watching Wild at the cinema last year, I can safely say she has found another fan for life. Cheryl inspires me and amazes me. She is a wonderful woman and the story of her PCT hike shows she is a strong and capable one as well. Reese Witherspoon gives a remarkable performance in this film, and I was left pondering life's big questions. A movie that really touched my heart.

December - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My favourite film of 2015. It brings me such joy to be able to say that I actually loved this movie. After being thoroughly let down by Episodes I-III, I was praying that J.J Abrams wouldn't screw this one up. I desperately wanted The Force Awakens to live up to the glory that is the original trilogy, and thankfully I was not disappointed in the slightest. The magic of Star Wars is back! I can't wait for the next film.

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