My Top 10 Musical Films

I love to watch movies and I love to sing, so musical films always get me excited! :-) Music plays a big part in my enjoyment of any film, but there is something extra special about a movie that is all about the songs. I adore learning the tunes and singing along when I watch the film at home (I admit I might mouth along at the cinema!).

So here are my Top 10 Musical Films...

10) Mamma Mia - yes the stage production is a lot better and some of the singing in this film is cringe-worthy (I'm looking at you Pierce Brosnan!), but as I am a big ABBA fan I find that I actually adore this movie. It's cheesy and a little lame, but I can't help myself - I just love to watch it and sing along!

9) The Sound of Music - this is the first film I remember watching and it had a big impact on me. It's safe to say it was this movie that started my love affair with films and singing. I haven't watched it for a long time and it is low on my list simply because there have been so many great musical films since this one. But it is a classic and I'll never forget how much it opened my eyes to the amazing world I could find beyond the confines of the small town I grew up in.

8) Chicago - I've never seen the stage production of this one, but I did enjoy the film a lot. I thought the entire cast did a superb job and I fell in love with the glamorous vaudeville, the jazzy costumes, and of course the songs.

7) Grease - no list would be complete without the king of musical films. Surely I don't even need to explain why I love this one. :-) I can't help but sing along whenever I hear songs off the Grease soundtrack. So much fun!

6) The Phantom of the Opera - I grew up listening to these songs (my mum is a fan), but this film was my first introduction to the full story. I've since seen Opera on stage - a phenomenal experience! - and yet I still have a soft spot for this movie. It doesn't come close to the brilliance of the stage show, but Gerard and Emmy give wonderful performances that really capture the beauty of the music. 

5) Les Misérables - kudos must go to the cast of the latest Les Mis film for singing live! I thought they did an amazing job - it surely must be difficult to sing on key when you're in the middle of some very intense acting. I like that Tom Hooper chose the live singing - it really brought out the emotion of each song.

4) Dreamgirls - I wasn't familiar with this Broadway musical and actually only saw the film because it was on TV one night! :-) I'm glad I watched it though. I was blown away by the strong, emotional performances in this film. Of course I knew Beyoncé could sing, but was pleasantly surprised to find she's a great actress too. And Jennifer Hudson - wow!

3) Across the Universe - a whole movie filled with Beatles songs? Brilliant!! And it stars Jim Sturgess? Spectacular! :-) I owe this one to my sister who introduced me to this wonderful film. I adore it and I thought it was clever the way they wove the story to fit with the songs.

2) Moulin Rouge - Ewan McGregor singing. Enough said! ;-) Such a beautiful, tragic, funny, exciting, clever film. Great use of the many varied songs and a touching love story to hold it all together. Can't beat that!

1) The Lion King - ok so there's one film that can beat Moulin Rouge :-) The Lion King had to be top of my list because its adorable (and often funny) story and its epic songs are so heartwarming and life-affirming. This is another one that I love to sing along to. It's a great film!

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