Movies are my drug of choice

This past weekend I finally went to see Avengers Assemble (which, by the way, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED! After all - Joss Whedon's AA had action, comedy and 2.5 hours of RDJ - he couldn't possibly go wrong! :-)  ). In the lead up I was filled with anticipation and excitement, as if this experience was going to be a major life event! I woke up that morning eager to get to the cinema. I couldn't wait to be there, for the lights to dim and the screen to buzz to life. If someone had told me I wasn't going to the movies that day, I may well have cried. I was that desperate to get my fix.

Because that's what movies are for me - a drug. I am addicted, no doubt about it. If I go a week or so without watching a film (whether at the cinema or at home) I start to crave some screen time. When I'm nowhere near a cinema or my T.V, I often find myself replaying a favourite film in my mind, just so I can get my hit. Sound obsessive? Yep! I'm a movie geek.

As for Avengers Assemble - I came floating out of the cinema afterwards. I was all smiley and talkative - you couldn't shut me up! I had a bounce in my step and a quickened pulse. The movie was pumping through my veins. I was high for the rest of the day. Nothing could bring me down. I even fell asleep that night running my favourite parts of the movie over in my mind.

It's not so bad, this movie addiction. It doesn't harm my health and instead of ruining my life it enriches it. I plan on staying a movie addict. I'm committed to this lifestyle. I don't need rehab. I don't need counselling. All I need is a couple of hours of entertainment, a giant screen in a darkened room, and a bag of Malteasers. Oh, what joy!

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