The Talented Mr Ledger

Some talented people are taken way too early, but they often leave behind a body of work that is both inspiring and haunting; we are left wondering what might have been. I believe Heath Ledger was one of the finest actors I've ever seen. I like to watch clips of him to remind myself of what it looks like when someone has given themselves completely to their art. He was an actor who would lose himself in a role, especially in the last years of his life. No matter how many times I watch his films I am always amazed. So I've chosen 3 clips that I think show just how talented Heath was...

10 Things I Hate About You: Funny Heath - I was in high school when this film came out so of course I thought it was great! :-) Just like every other girl I fell in love with the cute Aussie guy. And when he started to sing...oh boy, was I hooked.

Brokeback Mountain: Grieving Heath - this entire film is heart-wrenching, but this particular scene always gets me. Heath plays it so well that his grief is palpable. And not only that, these moments are equally clouded with regret. If only...

The Dark Knight: Evil Heath - is there a more menacing villain? I think not. Heath outdid himself in this role. I forgot I was watching him and all I could see was The Joker. He became The Joker so completely. I am in awe of this man. A wonderful performance.

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