Brad Pitt loves food!

Yes, I was one of those teenagers who had posters of Brad Pitt covering the walls of her bedroom. I've always liked him. Not just because he is a stunningly handsome man, but I've always thought of him as a good actor too!

I first noticed Brad eating a lot in Ocean's Eleven. It seemed like every scene he was in he was eating something. I thought it was hilarious. Clearly so did Hollywood because it's somewhat of a running joke. Every movie he's in features him eating at least once. Haven't spotted it before? You will now. That's how it works.

The people over at Movie Clips have created a video mash-up of Brad's famous movie eating. Brilliant!! Here it is...

Being a big Brad fan I have of course seen the majority of his films. Today I sat down with his list of film credits to decide on my Top Five Brad Pitt movies so far...

1) Legends of the Fall - a tragic, tragic story that had me bawling my eyes out. Ohh the haunting music. Ohh the breathtaking scenery (set in Montana, but actually filmed in Canada!) The best part? Brad with long hair. Riding a horse. Could it get any better? :-)

2) Meet Joe Black - a wonderful love story, coupled with an equally touching father-daughter/ end-of-life story. And again with the beautiful music. What's not to love? I especially liked Brad's tender portrayal of a grown man experiencing the wonder of love, kissing and sex for the very first time. He plays the innocent fumbling so well. Beautiful.

3) Ocean's Eleven - who can deny the power of the Brad-George bromance? The comedic undercurrent of the pair's relationship is what makes this movie. You just know they were having a great time filming this one.

4) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - I loved this film because of its weird and unique life-in-reverse story. I thought it had a wonderful message about living life to the full, and always trying to grow and change and become the best person you can be. But it was, of course, the tragic love story that really drew me in. To see these two people who are destined for one another finally come together was beautiful. Made even more so by the fact we know it can never work out for them. Not in any normal way. So sad. :-(

5) Fight Club - I had absolutely no idea who Tyler Durden really was. I still remember sitting in the cinema and when it was all revealed I was stunned. My mouth actually dropped open. You gotta love a movie that is able to suck you in so deep that you never see the end coming. Plus, how ripped was Brad in this movie. Woo! :-)

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